Travel theme: Frozen

Hold fast to dreams
for when dreams go
life is a barren field
frozen with snow.

(Langston Hughes)

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Frozen, England, backpacking

Frozen to the spot in England.

This week’s travel theme is Frozen.

I was staying in London during the winter of 1986/87 and I was simply astounded at how ineffective this ancient but modern metropolis became – transport halted, water froze in the pipes, children couldn’t go to school and the temperatures fell to -15 degrees celcius.

And I was backpacking with insufficient clothes and footwear.

I was quite, quite frozen!


Travel theme: Windy

Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind.  Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.  Suddenly you know you are alive.

Vera Nazarian

Normally I am not a huge fan of windy weather, as is this week’s travel theme.

But when I am cruising on the ocean and my face is to the wind, I certainly feel alive and exult in the moment, and having photos certainly helps to preserve the memory.

Here I am on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth as we sailed through the Suez Canal.

And you can see the effect of the wind on me on this glorious, hot, Egyptian spring day.



P&O Cruises To Offer Same Sex Marriages At Sea

In light of the current Same Sex Marriage Vote in Australia, this is a lovely story about Marriages at Sea, for everyone:

CruiseMiss Cruise Blog

P&O Cruises has become the first British cruise line to be able to conduct same sex weddings at sea, with the first ceremony to be held in the Caribbean in January 2018.

This follows a recent Supreme Court ruling enabling same sex marriages in Bermuda, where all the ships in fleet (except Britannia*) are registered.

Bookings are now open, with the first wedding to be held on Azura in the Caribbean in January 2018. The wedding ceremony will be performed by the ship’s Captain** and the marriage license will be issued by Bermuda.

P&O Cruises senior vice president, Paul Ludlow, says: “I am delighted that following this much anticipated change in the legalities we are now the first British cruise line to be able to arrange same sex weddings on board. Weddings at sea are very romantic and getting married by the Captain* in the middle of the ocean is…

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Travel – Moving House

Life in Camelot, Moving house, travel

photo by frequenzlos-d8wwc2j

I have moved house and whilst it possibly doesn’t fall under the category of ‘travel’ – it was only a move of 22.8 kilometers – I feel like I have climbed the highest mountain, forged the strongest river, and other cliched song lyrics, over the past few weeks.

I have moved back to the Port Melbourne, which sits on Port Phillip Bay, so I look forward to seeing all the cruise ships come in to visit over the summer months, and being closer to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne again.

Stay tuned for more posts, and until then, this is how I feel when anybody asks about moving house, be it considered travel or not:

Life in Camelot, moving house, travel


Travel theme: Grassy

For this week’s Travel Theme: Grassy,  I was inspired to share some photos of the magnificent creatures who make the grasslands their home.


Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Zebras, Werribee Zoo


Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Giraffe, Werribbee Zoo


Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Rhino, Werribee Zoo

These are photos, taken by me, but I’ve never travelled to Africa.

So how did I take them?

Would you believe me if I told you that these photographs were taken in a suburb of Melbourne (Australia), approximately 15 minutes drive from my home, at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The Off Road Safari takes passengers in an open sided truck through various grassy pastures to see African animals living in an environment compatible with their native one, right here in Australia.

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Werribee Open Range Zoo

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, rhino, Werribee Open Range Zoo

As you can see, the animals gave us some wonderful photo opportunities and they don’t seem to fear the trucks; in fact we had to stop several times to wait for them to cross in front of us, because who in their right mind is going to cross a rhinoceros?

Life In Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Rhino, Giraffe, Werribee Zoo

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Grassy, Giraffe, Werribee Open Plain Zoo

We had a wonderful winter’s day at Werribee Open Range Zoo, with the blue sky above us and the green grass below.

We took a good look at the animals and they took a good look at us:

What grassy safaris or other unique experiences have you had in your own backyard that you’d care to share?

The World According to Barb

Meet Barb, a close friend of mine; she is an old-fashioned girl trying to make it in a modern world, and she has her own blog: The World According to Barb.

Life In Camelot - The World According to Barb


She’s no Joan Crawford but she does like things to be just right and she also does not approve of wire coathangers.

So come and have a look at what she has to say about life, but don’t be alarmed if her comments cut to the quick – she’s just a Barb!

A Star is Born

A Star is Born.

Well, that is a catchy blog post title if ever I saw one.

Actually the star to whom I refer was born 20 years ago, and has been shining ever since.

IMG_7252Georgia 1930s gal

This is my daughter, Georgia Belle, and I’m writing this post to alert the world (or anyone who might stumble upon my blog) that she is madly saving money for her lifetime adventure – to study acting in New York.

She auditioned for the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting  and was accepted into the 2 year Conservatory Program.  Naturally this was thrilling news but now we just have to work out how to get her there and keep her there whilst she studies.

She will be living in New York on an Australian student visa and under this arrangement she is not permitted to work to earn a living for herself which is frustrating to say the least.

So she was prompted to set up a GO FUND ME page to help raise some much need funds, and here is the link to her page:

I am astounded by how many people request funding through various platforms, but I am also astounded by how many generous and kind benefactors there are in the world, who have the time, interest and money to donate to someone who is trying to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

I thought I would post this to help her along her way, and it is true that every dollar helps.

I thank you in advance and so does my gorgeous, young rising star.

Travel theme: Paths

This week’s travel theme  is paths and here is one past journey with some of the places and pleasures it lead to:

The pathway into London was awash with light while the dark Thames snaked its way through the city.

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

On the ground, the path alongside the Thames embankment brought some interesting and exotic surprises:

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

You never know who you might find resting along the path;

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

Or who has rested here previously.

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

The path to St Pauls provided options for hungry travellers.

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

The path along Fulham Road has football fans galore (but not this cold winter day).

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

The path to poverty can be found through Christmas shopping in Oxford Street,

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

and the path to ruin for many a poor mother can still be found in London’s high street stores.

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths, gin

Finally, the pathway to another portal,

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

that lead to a path for a passage at sea,

Life in Camelot, Travel Theme: Paths

which ultimately lead to a pathway to paradise.

Life in Camelot, Travel theme: Paths

St Valentine’s Day

Ah, what is love?  Who can answer that question; most people have different definitions of what love means to them and I think that is how it should be.  But greeting cards have to be sold, flowers have to be harvested and chocolate has to be eaten so here is my post inspired by St Valentine’s Day.

Visiting Busan in South Korea last year (as a port stop on an epic 6 week cruise of Asia) I was delighted to see a wall of love locks and messages inspired by love.  The Parisians lost their love locks in 2015 when the council deemed their outpourings of love too weighty for some of the city’s most beautiful bridges; OK so it was actually the 45 tonnes of some million padlocks causing danger to the bridges rather than all those emotions.

But these locks and heart-shaped notes seem to be here to stay and add to the charm of walking to the top of Yongdusan Park, and taking in the panoramic views of the harbour below.

You can even sit down and admire the views, and the love.

Love seat, love locks, Life in Camelot, Korea - St Valentine's Day

A love seat amongst the love locks


Thousands of heartfelt messages of love for everyone to read

Love locks at Busan Tower, Korea - Life in Camelot - St Valentine's Day

A wall dedicated to those dedicated to expressing their love.

Life in Camelot with love locks in Busan, Korea - St Valentine's Day

Just loving the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers in all the countries around this wonderful world and to my darling husband, who travels with me to all these countries, and wants to see as many of them as possible.