Hello and welcome to my Life in Camelot – travel blog.

My name is Genevieve and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Here is a little bit more ABOUT ME

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Just on another cruise ship.

In this blog I will write about my travels, abroad and at home,

but I won’t be offering train timetables or restaurant recommendations for any of my locations.  Other people are much more expert at that than I.

Some of my posts will be current and some will be nostalgic;

Some will be text heavy – I do love to write – and some will contain more photos because I know not everyone has time to read long posts.

But as you will see I like to write with humour and whimsy because life is short and we need to laugh at ourselves, whilst also taking in the wonders of our world.

A lot of the countries and cities I’ve seen have been from voyages on cruise ships.  I’ve been cruising with my husband, and assorted relatives, since 2009 and have no plans to stop.

I hope you’ll find something to entertain, educate and amuse you amongst past posts, and please feel free to sign up for future posts.

You’ll also find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

And most of all, keep travelling and keep laughing.


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