The Perils of Pancakes and Pirates (or Don’t Walk the Plank with a Full Tummy)

I thought I’d reblog a post for my newer followers.
The topic is appropriate for today, Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday), and there’s some glamourous cruising covered and the added element of danger with some pirates thrown into the mix.

Life In Camelot

The pleasures of cruising, especially on an ocean liner like Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, are many and I shall continue to wax lyrical about them for many years to come, but nobody tells you about the perils.

On a six week sector of the 2012 World Cruise, I ate pancakes (plenty of pancakes, not to mention the pastries), and discovered that piracy drills on board are now compulsory, especially when travelling through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea (or anywhere near Somalia for that matter).

On 29th March this year, right between Langkawi, Malaysia and Colombo, Sri Lanka we made preparations in case of pirates.

All passengers were told to return to their staterooms at 10.30 am.  Anyone with an interior cabin (no balcony or windows) could retire to the comfort of the room and remain there behind closed doors for the duration of the drill.  Anyone with an exterior cabin was required to…

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