Some Right Royal Fools on Queen Elizabeth

This happened two years ago now but was a great April Fool’s joke upon the passengers on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth…

Life In Camelot

The notice that appeared in the daily bulletin aboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, one year ago today.


During our last bunkering operation in Singapore on the 24th March we took delivery of thousands of tons of contaminated heavy fuel oil.  This fuel is unusable for our diesel electric motors and therefore until we reach Mumbai we need to use QUEEN ELIZABETH’s Gas Turbines.

These powerful auxiliary motors are normally only used to supplement our power and therefore we carry a limited supply of fuel for them.  Fortunately due to their ecologically sound design we can use a variety of household and everyday items as potential fuel sources.  The most effective of these is the lotic gas produced from the burning of suntan lotion.  We need your help.  We have a receptacle in the Grand Lobby on deck one and if everyone onboard donates a squirt of…

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