Beware the travel scams! 40 tourist scams to avoid on your next holiday!

This is a comprehensive list of scams that await tourists in various countries around the world.
Being an alert traveller I have managed to save a German couple from the GYPSY KIDS in Rome (the children were not impressed) and I have alerted some Japanese tourists to the FAKE TICKET in San Francisco, where the scammer threatened me with the mobster, John Gotti, whom I’d never heard of at the time. I laughed at him and saved the day.
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Tourists visiting a foreign destination are vulnerable to scams.

Language barriers, unfamiliar surroundings and cultural differences leads travellers to place their trust in locals for guidance.

But on occasion that trust can be devastatingly misplaced.

Tourist scammers take advantage of travellers in their weakened state by cheating money out of them before they even realise they’ve been targeted.

Some scammers will divert attention while an accomplice picks their pocket; and others will offer a free service and intimidate travellers into payment after. compiled a list of 40 tourists scams that will help you on your next visit to a foreign destination.

Know of other scams? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Have you ever fallen victim to any of these scams, or better still, saved other unassuming travellers from the scammers?
Please tell us your story.


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