One November in Turkey (part 2) or Remembering on Remembrance Day

A reminder of what I was doing on this day 28 years ago:

Life In Camelot

In early November 1986 I had arrived in Turkey on a whim, with no idea of what I would encounter.  A handful of fellow backpackers had suggested it as the next stop east from Santorini, so I joined them on a ferry ride to Rhodes; a ferry ride that took about 22 hours instead of the regular 13 because one of the engines broke down.

We found a cheap hotel in the heart of the old city but because it was the weekend not much was open.  We did however, find the famous Popeye’s Bar where we feasted on a wonderful and traditional roast lunch with all the trimmings.  This food was a welcome change from all the Mediterranean food we’d been eating for so long.  In the late afternoon we headed to the port to buy our tickets for the trip to Turkey.  We had been told that we could get…

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2 thoughts on “One November in Turkey (part 2) or Remembering on Remembrance Day

  1. Kind of glad I passed on the massage in Antalaya now!
    Since you missed Goreme, you might enjoy a surrogate experience. I published a poem in my poetry section called Homage to Cappadocia. I went there last November/ December. Brilliant!

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