A Star is Born

A Star is Born.

Well, that is a catchy blog post title if ever I saw one.

Actually the star to whom I refer was born 20 years ago, and has been shining ever since.

IMG_7252Georgia 1930s gal

This is my daughter, Georgia Belle, and I’m writing this post to alert the world (or anyone who might stumble upon my blog) that she is madly saving money for her lifetime adventure – to study acting in New York.

She auditioned for the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting  and was accepted into the 2 year Conservatory Program.  Naturally this was thrilling news but now we just have to work out how to get her there and keep her there whilst she studies.

She will be living in New York on an Australian student visa and under this arrangement she is not permitted to work to earn a living for herself which is frustrating to say the least.

So she was prompted to set up a GO FUND ME page to help raise some much need funds, and here is the link to her page:


I am astounded by how many people request funding through various platforms, but I am also astounded by how many generous and kind benefactors there are in the world, who have the time, interest and money to donate to someone who is trying to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

I thought I would post this to help her along her way, and it is true that every dollar helps.

I thank you in advance and so does my gorgeous, young rising star.


3 thoughts on “A Star is Born

    1. Hi Chy,
      thanks for your lovely comment and following my blog.
      I have followed you too – I had a quick look at some of your photos – very cute – and you’ve inspired me to take some not so regular pics on my next travel adventure.

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