Favourite Song Friday – Ronstadt

Yesterday I learnt of the deaths of two people – both were elderly gentlemen so had lived long and fairly full lives but both had been a part of my life; one was a wonderful neighbour on the street where I grew up and the other was my first neighbour in Melbourne when I moved here.

This week’s Favourite Song Friday is in honour of them:

Somewhere Out There by James Horner and

performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.



This song is special to me – I taught it to my daughter when she was tiny and we have sung it together ever since (usually in the car).

We have also watched An American Tail, (an animated movie in which this song features), many times and I can recommend that for a bit of fun too.

This song incorporates a love theme and a slightly terrestial theme – it may be a bit spooky but I have requested that my daughter have it played at my funeral – one day.  I am not religious but I would (selfishly) hope that the memory of me lives on, just a little, with my friends and loved ones after I am gone,

so that:

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another in that dream somewhere out there

I welcome your thoughts and songs that give you pause for thought, or just make you feel good and please share your Favourite Song this Friday (or any day).



Favourite Song Friday – Gabriel

Today is my wedding anniversary so this is a mushy Favourite Song Friday:

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Who remembers John Cusack in the very forgettable movie Say Anything, standing with his boom box held high playing this song, wearing his heart on sleeve trying to impress his young love?

Life in Camelot - Favourite Song Friday, Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes

Peter Gabriel’s album SO was released in 1986 and this was the year I travelled overseas as a young backpacker.  I played that cassette over and over until the music became part of my euphoric European experience so this song, in particular, will always be one of my favourites.

I still play this song when I travel, with my husband instead of a backpack, but now it is on an Apple iPod rather than a Sony Walkman.

The lyrics are lovely and the melody is haunting so join me, on my wedding anniversary, in reminiscing with this Favourite Song Friday.



Favourite Song Friday – Braithwaite

This Friday’s Favourite Song is a little bit late because sometimes life gets very busy, so here is the aptly named,

 As the Days Go By, written and performed by Daryl Braithwaite.

When I was young Daryl Braithwaite lead a band called Sherbet.  I was probably the only teenage girl in Australia who didn’t follow this band (and yes, this is what bands wore in the 1970s!)

Life in Camelot, Favourite Song Friday - As the Days Go By

Sherbet, in the 1970s, with Daryl Braithwaite on the far left.

It wasn’t until Daryl released some solo albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s that I really discovered his music and his style.

Now he is another of the artists that I have taken with me on my travels, be it driving around the north island of New Zealand, or running around the deck of any of the Cunard Queens, cruising to all the corners of the globe.

Because I am getting older I do appreciate the life I have lived so far, but also look forward to the life I have yet to live, (and the journeys I shall take), so the words of the first verse of this Favourite Song (not Friday) resonate with me:

My love of life just gets stronger
As the days go by
And some things I wish they would last
Just a little bit long longer
As the days go by.

Do you have any music that makes your travel even more memorable?

Please comment and share your Favourite Songs with me.

Favourite Song Friday – Roger

Wow, what a week, especially in American politics.

With a little of bit of irony (that I hope my American friends and readers will appreciate) this week’s Favourite Song is Get Used To It by Roger Voudouris.

Favourite Song Friday, Roger Voudouris - Get Used to it

I just loved this song when I first heard it and it has been on my favourite list ever since.

I still turn it up very loudly in my car and on my iPod too.

Sadly Roger passed away in 2003, very young, and I confess to not really knowing any of his other songs but I am probably not alone in this.

I couldn’t find a good quality clip of him singing this song, but you’ll get the idea from this video.

Look at that hair, those jeans, those moves…

…what else could you ask for from a favourite song on a Friday (other than a different president, I guess…)

Please let me know if you loved Roger, or share any other Favourite Songs with us here.


Favourite Song Friday – Cat

I love, love, love this song and I always have.  It is my favourite song for everyday, not just a  Friday – Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard by Cat Stevens.

Favourite Song Friday, Cat Stevens, Remember the Days at the Old Schoolyard

Cat Stevens

The artist ‘formerly known as’ Cat Stevens – now Yusuf Islam – (born Steven Demetre Georgiou) has often generated controversy with his religious and political views.

However, my blog is about travel and nostalgia, so please travel back in time and enjoy this simple piece of nostalgia from my youth, and enjoy this Favourite Song Friday with me.

And just for fun here are some photos of my days in the old schoolyard, at St Josephs primary school in Narrabeen, and Mater Maria College in Warriewood.

Life In Camelot at primary school, Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard

Primary school

Life in Camelot, Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard, Genevieve's first year at high school

First day of high school

And please do let me know what songs inspire you, enthuse you, or just make you move.

Favourite Song Friday: Phil

This week’s favourite song is by Phil Collins – Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.


This song has specific memories for me (as many favourite songs do) but is yet another song that inspires me to walk, dance or just move.

Strangely I had never seen the official film clip until today when looking it up on YouTube, so was intrigued to see the shaggy dog who steals the show.

On a sadder note, I thought the title of this song was apt considering some of the tragedies that have happened in the world this week, including on the Gold Coast earlier this week (Dream World) and in Brisbane today.

Have a listen, and enjoy this little bit of Phil and nostalgia from the 90s.



Favourite Song Friday: Carly Rae

Here is today’s Favourite Song – Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe

Whilst I thought her song, released in 2012, was pretty catchy it took on a while new level of enjoyment when I saw the Harvard Baseball Team doing their own moves to the song on YouTube.


They are on a journey in a van whilst performing the number so that has the travel side of things covered.

Have a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Favourite Song Friday: Gold

Here is a new thing I’m doing – Favourite Song Friday.

This is one of my all time favourites – Andrew Gold’s Lonely Boy.


It doesn’t have a great deal to do with travel, although he does leave home in the song, but I figure any piece of music that gets you moving the way this song does has to be appropriate to a blog about travel… right?


(and let me know your favourite songs for travel, or just walking).

Pirates, fact and fiction

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th.

I wrote a post about real pirates a few years ago after sailing through the Gulf of Aden, famous for the Somali pirates who frequent those waters.

But most people are familiar with pirates through children’s books or movies, so here a few pretty images from my daughter’s book of Pirates:

and from some very familiar films:


Perhaps you have some other thoughts or emotions stirred up by this ridiculous but unique day in the calendar, based upon pirates, fact and fiction.