Cruise Crushes

With every cruise I take I seem to take a shine to some particular cruise company employee, and the reasons are varied.

Sometimes I get a ‘cruise crush’ on someone who has shown me extraordinary service by going above and beyond their role and who welcomes me every day with a smile and my name; this makes me very happy indeed.

Other times it is because I have the utmost respect for the hard work that a particular person does on board, usually for very long hours and very little pay.

I have also been known to have a ‘cruise crush’ on anyone who is clever, witty and keeps me thoroughly entertained throughout the cruise.

And sometimes I have a ‘cruise crush’ just because the individual is very charming and very handsome and then I have to employ my dear husband to take a photo of me with that employee (did I mention handsome already?…)

Have you ever experienced your very own ‘cruise crush’?  Do share…

The author and cruise crush aboard Celebrity Solstice - December 2013


One thought on “Cruise Crushes

  1. He has that same look in his eyes as one of my movie crushes, Andy Garcia.
    And…, he wears a tie pin! Even more gorgeous!
    How could you not love a man with classic style.
    Say cheeeeeese 🙂

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