Cruisey Music

I’ve sailed on eight cruises since 2009, seven of those being with Cunard.

They always have a house band who play at sail-aways, deck parties and various other special evenings.


The band always has a different name (and I presume different members), a name that almost always includes the letter Z.

They tend to do a pretty good job of entertaining the guests. This current cruise is no different.


Here’s my problem with them – they all play the same repertoire without much individuality.

Frankly, I could really live without hearing another rendition of the following cruise band favourite songs:

Red, Red Wine

Hot, Hot, Hot

Sweet Caroline

Mambo #5


How about you?

Are there any songs that pervade your cruises or holidays that you could really live without???

Here’s another story I wrote about the importance of music to a holiday –



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, or anything else on your mind.

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