Travel theme: Dazzling

Being a lover of all things that glitter and sparkle, I was enchanted by the notion of a blog post entitled Dazzling and couldn’t wait to post my own.  So I searched through some of my travel photos to pick some of the prettiest and, most dazzling.

Coincidentally, just today I went through a display home with my family and I came across this master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, adorned with dazzling tiles and opulent chandelier:

Bathroom luxury

Most of my recent world travels have taken place on board Cruise ships, mostly on board Cunard but here’s a photo taken of a marvellous stage show on board Celebrity Solstice:

Flying high on Celebrity Solstice

I have just returned from cruising through Asia where I saw dazzling dance dresses in South Korea:

Busan, South Korea

A warm welcome, fantastic ferris wheel and blingy boats in Osaka, Japan:

And the spherical, shiny reflection of the Tokyo Skytree:

Tokyo Skytree reflection

When visiting abroad there are some things you just can’t resist and this includes the stunning masks in Venice (yes, we managed to get one all the way home without breaking it):

Venetian masks

And daggy tourist photos of yourself with dazzling street performers in London’s Piccadilly Circus:

Life in Camelot, and friends

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, or anything else on your mind.

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