Favourite Song Friday – Same Old Lang Syne

This is my final Favourite Song Friday (have a look at my others here) because it is the second last day of this year, and coincidentally my daughter’s 20th birthday, and I shall start another episodic topic next year (stay tuned for that – pun intended…)

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and people will be celebrating all over the world, in all different ways.  I believe the general consensus is that 2016 has been a pretty rotten year and I would concur, for global and personal reasons.  However, as a species I believe we are very good at accepting and adapting and that is what I intend to do in 2017.

Many people will sing in the new year in with the famous tune, Auld Lang Syne, which is about preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year.

Dan Fogelberg’s song, Same Old Lang Syne, evokes a beautiful sense of nostalgia about past loves, past lives and memories we hope to cherish forever.

I have celebrated New Year’s Eve in some wonderful places around the world, with huge crowds or with just family and friends.  These include:

sleeping in the rental car by the side of the road in Scotland;

standing in crushing crowds on Tower Bridge in London;

watching Sydney’s famous fireworks from Taronga Zoo;

freezing with the family on Navy Pier in Chicago;

visiting friends in Washington, D.C.;

Life in Camelot, NYE, Washington 2009

sailing around the Caribbean on board QM2;

Life in Camelot, New Year's Eve on Cunard's QM2 2014

or celebrating my dear friend’s birthday, who is none too pleased that her birthday falls on 31st December.

Life in Camelot, Favourite Song Friday, New Year's Eve, Birthday

So, dear readers, I wish you all a wonderful New Year and an exciting and rewarding 2017.

When you are singing Auld Lang Syne think of the memories you have made, old and new, and look forward to the future with friends, family and lots and lots of favourite songs.




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