Travel theme: Poetry

This week’s blog topic – Travel theme: Poetry


I found a bottle on the seashore and took it home with me.

Message in a bottle
Inside the bottle, a message furled – I couldn’t wait to see.

Was it about illicit love
or unrequited passion?
Did it contain some history
of some important fashion?

Was some poor soul alone and lost
and waiting for an answer
Or was it just the impish prank
of some coy necromancer?

The time had come to end the doubt and see what was inside,
I held my breath and pulled the cork that salt and sun had dried.
I held the paper, brown and old:
The words I read with ease;

My lofty dreams came crashing down with…

“Milko, 2 pints please”!

old fashioned milkman - England




5 thoughts on “Travel theme: Poetry

  1. a shopping list! oh my goodness, I am still laughing at that! I HATE poetry with a capital H but I really was amused by this! And American “humor”????? I am American and must admit to watching Benny Hill, Monty Python, ‘are you being served” “chef” “rosemary and thyme”…..heck if it is British I am going to watch it and laugh my arse off. The “crap” they show on American television is…well……CRAP! lol

    1. We have the best of both worlds in Australia regarding humour Suze. Whilst we grew up with British radio and television shows, we have become more American-ised over the decades and I am a fan of entertainment from both sides of the Atlantic.

    1. Oh my goodness yes. Being an Australian we grew up with all the British comedy and my father and I would watch Benny Hill together.
      To this day some of my favourite things to watch are Morcambe & Wise and The Two Ronnies (so sad about Ronnie Corbett recently) and I have lots of DVDs of their shows too.

      Thanks so much for reading, commenting and the lovely compliment.

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